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Hi Maureen and David, I wanted to thank both of you for the amazing experience at the pageant this weekend. I absolutely fell in love with this pageant and the committee! Thank you for making my first USA pageant simply fabulous. Thank you again, Jeni Maakad

Jeni Maakad

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Maureen and David; I sure miss emailing you guys. Thank you again for the memories you help us build and helping my Savannah and the other girls feel special and supported. I really appreciate it, and I know she does too. All your assistants and volunteers were very nice too. Your son added with his presence a special touch to the experience. I hope the rest of the pageant season goes smooth for all of you...What a nice and inspirational bunch we met there this weekend. Thank you :) Zulma Fernandez (parent of Savannah Anderson)

Zulma Fernandez (parent of contestant)

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Hi David and Maureen, I wanted to touch back with you and say how much I appreciated your phone call and comments. I take them all to heart. I am very thankful to have met you both, as well as your staff, who showed so much kindness to me through out the weekend. The contestants were all wonderful as well. The experience was a positive one for me...I've worked behind the scenes in many shows and events so I understand and appreciate the commitment to providing these opportunities for contestants. Always, Dani

Dani Walker

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