Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Miss Montana USA® and Miss Montana Teen USA® Pageants judged?

Each contestant is judged in three areas of competition that are equally scored; Interview, Evening Gown and Fitness Wear (swimsuit for the MISS division, 18-27 year olds and athleisure wear for the TEEN division, 14-18 year olds).  Judging criteria specifically focuses on character, poise, confidence and personality.
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Does my weight and/or height and body type matter?

Measurements are not considered! This is a pageant that is focused on inner beauty and character. Whether you’re 4′ tall or 7′ tall it doesn’t matter. In the Fitness wear portion of the competition, the judges will acknowledge physical fitness, which includes a healthy and fit body with no requirements for the shape or size. There’s usually a wide range of body styles and types for the Top Semi-Finalists each year.
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How difficult is it to collect my entry fee?

Collecting your entry fee is very easy to do, however it does take some time commitment on your part. It is highly recommended that you make a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members and their employers, etc. and spend a few hours on the weekend or when your schedule allows you to collect your entry fee. When you approach potential sponsors and explain the pageant, the charities and the scholarship opportunities it supports and what your experience will entail, it is extremely beneficial in terms of developing new and/or better communication skills. This is an essential characteristic to have if you’re going to be the next Miss Montana USA® or Miss Montana Teen USA®.
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If I win, will it interfere with school?

We make school the number one priority! Almost all of your appearances, celebrity events, and charity work will take place during the weekend and will be scheduled in advance. In addition for Teens, the MISS TEEN USA® pageant is usually held in the summer time to accommodate your school schedule.
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What style of gown should I choose?

The only requirement for the evening gown competition is that you wear a long gown (i.e. a length that usually falls below the ankle). You can choose any style, color, fabric, etc. however a corset back is not allowed and neither is glitter. Beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc. are fine. Choose a gown that best shows your personality but is also very fashionable and couture.
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What kind of fitness wear do I need? (MISS swimsuit and TEEN athleisure wear)

If a specific swimsuit or athleisure wear outfit is required for you this year, then we’ll let you know how/where to make your purchase. Otherwise if you are a MISS contestant, then you can choose a one piece or a two piece swimsuit of any color, pattern and style (as long as it is conservatively presentable). Thong style or any other inappropriate swimwear is not allowed. If you are a TEEN contestant, then you may wear an athleisure wear outfit (maybe something you would wear to the gym). More details will be provided to you once you become an official contestant. All contestants will need to wear shoes in the swimsuit competition. Clear heels or skin-toned heels work well.
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Can I have a friend enter the pageant with me?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, we encourage it! Many of last year’s contestants have chosen to return this year and have recommended their friends to participate as well.
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Is there a talent portion of the competition?

No, there is no talent round. However, contestants are encouraged to discuss their talents both on their application and in the interview portion of the competition.
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I don’t have very much money…but I want to do the pageant, what should I do?

Our goal is for each contestant to collect 100% of the entry fee from local businesses, organizations, employers, friends and family members. Again, this is tax-deductible for those that assist you with your entry. If you work hard on collecting your entry fee, it is very possible that you may not incur expenses from your own pocket and may raise more than is needed. In addition, we have had several contestants receive a material item sponsorship, such as a dress, tanning, a haircut, etc.
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What if I have never done a pageant before…does that matter?

Not at all, in fact a good portion of the contestants were newcomers to pageants as well as some of our titleholders including Megan Brewer – Miss Montana Teen USA 2019, Elley Munson – Miss Montana Teen USA 2018, Brooke Bezanson – Miss Montana USA 2017, Miranda Youngren – Miss Montana Teen USA 2015, Kadie Latimer – Miss Montana USA 2014 and more. About half of our new titleholders are first time pageant contestants. On the other hand, some are pageant vets.
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What kind of questions will the judges ask me?

The judges’ job is to get to know you and your individual personality. They will not be asking you trivia style questions that you would see on JEOPARDY. They will ask you questions off of your personal profile sheet and/or other current event questions to get to know you better. It’s a lot of fun and the judges are very friendly.
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There are a lot of pageants out there, how do I know which one to choose?

The best way to decide is to do some research on the organization by looking into who owns it, whether or not it is nationally televised and how long it has been around. The Miss Montana USA® and Miss Montana Teen USA® Pageants are a part of the MISS USA®, MISS TEEN USA® and MISS UNIVERSE® Organization which are owned by WME | IMG (an Endeavor company) and these Pageants have been in existence for over 60 years and have been seen on FOX. These pageants also continue to provide scholarships and open doors to the business world, entertainment, fashion, etc. for young women globally.
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What if I have more questions that aren’t on this list?

You are welcome to contact us by email at lisa@limelightenterprises.com and we can schedule a phone call. We would be more than happy to hear from you and answer any additional questions you may have.
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What do state titleholders do?

Recent NW titleholders have had an incredible variety of opportunities, including:

  • Media interviews (local and national level) including CBS’s – The Talk
  • Special guests at NYFW (New York Fashion Week)
  • Special guests at Professional Bull Riders
  • Modeled for Sherri Hill, high end fashion designer
  • Onstage Presenters at the NW Emmy Awards
  • Modeled for USO: Operation That’s My Dress
  • First Pitch for Seattle Mariner’s Game
  • Appeared in National Magazines, such as, Seventeen, People, etc.
  • Modeling/Hosting/Acting jobs for retail clients
  • Received Modeling Contracts
  • Received Reality Show Opportunities
  • And many more!
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